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C&E Industrial Maintenance Guys, aka C&E IM Guys, are certified and trained by the best for the best.

  1. Military trained, working for NASA, and owning their own businesses for over 40 years combined should give you peace of mind contracting C&E.

  2. We are here to help you start, maintain, or complete any project big or small. Just give a call, text us, or fill out a Service Form and let us know how we can help you.

  3. We aren't the cheapest. We are the best. Mistakes cost everyone. We avoid making them.

  4. We are a quality company that ensures your furture will be profitable through our maintenance services.

Benjamin Cataldo

Owner, Director of Sales and Operations


Ben has owned his own businesses for over 20 years.  Most of the companies where in construction and industrial maintenance.  He excels in project management and sales and always makes sure his clients walk away happy.

Matthew Evans

Owner, Director of Mechanical Engineering

Matthew has a masters of mechanical engineering.  Matthew started his career at NASA manned space flight as a robotics analyst and spent the next 20 years building his skills as an engineer and project manager in the aerospace industry.  With a passion for business, leading change, and quality in all things, Matthew is an engineer and operational leader that is driven to excellence.

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